Our Story

Nancy Newsom, Founder of Botanic OrganicA number of years ago our household committed to cooking and eating whole and organic plant-based foods. The switch successfully addressed a concerning health issue for one of our family members. Adopting a healthier and more conscientious diet inevitably led me to question not only what we were putting into our bodies, but also what we were putting on to our bodies. Happily, I found a couple of inspiring books that not only provided an education on these issues but also taught me how to make a few simple and healthy skincare products for myself and my circle of friends and family.

The more I read about the possibilities of using traditional herbal remedies and plant-based oils and extracts to make my own cosmetics, the more excited I became. To say that it became an obsession would be an understatement. Who knew that the chemistry of oils and hydrosols could be so riveting! I found local classes that taught the art of making lotions, creams, balms, plant extracts, perfumes and hydrosols. My fascination grew with my experience but what I found most compelling were the dramatic improvements that I was experiencing to my own skin.

Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to use natural products to clean your house, care for your garden, or use for your personal body care. The problem? These products often don't work half as well as traditional, mainstream products. When I began this journey, I have to admit that I didn't believe natural, plant-based skincare products could yield the results I was looking for. I was wrong. I've been amazed and delighted to learn that well designed, artisan-crafted skincare products are not only healthier and more environmentally friendly, but are every bit as effective as mainstream products, and are often even more effective.

Facing the mirror each day in your early fifties isn’t always easy. I was contending with the inevitable wrinkles. My skin was looking dull and patchy, with sun-damage spots beginning to emerge. I'd even had my doctor treat a few of these spots, but they'd just come back. After a few months of using my natural formulations, my skin became smoother, the visible sun damage diminished, and I had that healthy glow that I had been missing. The change was so striking that even my husband noticed! I was astounded that these seemingly simple and yet also complex ingredients from nature were working better than any of the mainstream products I’d been using my entire life, and without the potentially harmful side effects.

Switching to healthier routines in life is gratifying, but coming to the realization that you actually love that healthier routine is pure bliss. Botanic Organic was born of that bliss, and I hope that we can help you find yours, too!

Nancy Newsom, Founder of Botanic Organic