Our Team

The Botanic Organic Leadership Team

Nancy Newsom

Founder and Chief Alchemist

My decision to create a natural and organic line of skin care products evolved from my interest in preparing locally grown, unprocessed organic foods for my family. Becoming more conscious about what we put into our bodies, leads us to also question what we put onto our bodies. My initial reason to create formulas with organic and plant based ingredients was simply to do no harm both to my body and to the wider environment. However, as I began to notice improvements to my skin from using unrefined oils, plant extracts and plant distillates, I became convinced that these beautiful and natural gifts from nature could do a better job of caring for my skin than anything a large cosmetic company could synthesize in a laboratory. Botanic Organic is the result of a passion gone wild and it continues to be an exciting, fun and incredibly rewarding path to follow.


Annie Lin-Johnson

Director of Operations

I have always been an avid health and exercise enthusiast, and was excited to try Botanic Organic’s skin care line. Delighted by the scents, textures and the uniquely beneficial properties that the products offered I especially loved how they made my skin feel and look. Nancy’s unique approach to formulating and her exacting quality standards impressed me so much that I decided to join the Botanic Organic team! With over 25 years of corporate financial planning and operations experience with Silicon Valley tech firms, my goal is to ensure our company’s successful business evolution without compromising its product philosophy or quality.

Jim Pravetz

Director of Technology

There's a lot of technology in any company these days, and Botanic Organic is no exception. I've been helping Botanic Organic achieve it's technical and design needs since it's beginning. I keep the website running, design labels and other printed material, lend a photographer's hand, and make sure everything we produce looks professional. As we scale, I will continue working to integrate inventory, sales and financial data and bring process automation to the company so that our other talented team members can concentrate on what they do best, which is to produce fantastic products and educate people on the benefits of natural skincare. More »

Advisor and Founder

Kit Gordon

Nature is my inspiration. My first potion was made as a child, concocting wild soup from weeds and flowers from our lush, fertile Illinois land. In the early 80s, I was recruited to California to apply my chemical engineering studies to the field of semiconductors in Silicon Valley, fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.

After the birth of my daughter, I directed my energies toward healthy choices in our daily life. Through books and classes I realized that many mainstream products contained toxins and that clean, healthy and beneficial products could be made fairly simply at home. This kindled my interest in working with Nancy to create a line of natural and non-toxic skincare products that could benefit a wider audience.